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“We are so thankful that Jesus is, and will always be, the head of the church.” ECO 

We are preparing to search for our next pastor and head of staff. Our Presbytery and the ECO denomination are key advocates for us in this process which is rather different from past processes. Our deomonation ECO provides a helpful guide for thr transitions process. ECO Transition GuideThey are helping us move more quickly but thoughtfully and prayerfully. The process in brief is listed below:

Pastoral Search & Transition Process

Transitional leadership installed

Randy Bare has been here since July 2021.  He is an ECO-certified transitional pastor who is specially trained to help churches during periods of transition.

Assess the current & future mission of the Church

At their May 10, 2022, meeting, Session appointed 6 covenant partners (Linda Carlson, Sandy Bracken, Stan Benjamin, Cindy Avenell, Matt Koschmann and Mary Woodson Felker) to constitute a mission study team. This team was tasked with reviewing the current state of our church, understanding the broader social and cultural context of our community, identifying key national trends in our society, and articulating a sense of future direction to inform church leadership. The mission study team submitted their Mission Study Report to Session on August 9, 2022.

Selection & formation of the Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC)

Session discerns who God is calling to serve on the PNC. In October, we hope to present a slate of nominees for election to the PNC at a duly called congregational meeting. The PNC will consist of two current elders, 1 current trustee, 1 current deacon, and 5 at-large covenant partners. The committee will begin their work by reviewing the mission study document, creating a church profile and posting the job description on the ECO website and other appropriate venues. The Presbytery of the West will appoint a member of the Mission Partnership Team (MPT) to advise the PNC throughout the process. Follow this link to nominate a covenant partner for PNC consideration.

PNC creates profiles for the role and the church on the ECO website

PNC searches for and selects a pastor, advises the Session and the Presbytery of their decision. Session schedules a congregational meeting to vote on the pastoral candidate

The PNC presents the candidate to the congregation, the candidate preaches at a worship service and the congregation votes on the new pastor

Congregation welcomes new pastor 

PNC and session onboard new pastor

ECO's Transition Guide provides more detail for each step in the process. Please be in prayer for the entire process.

ECO Transition Guide

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