Grace Commons has partnered with Christos Collective, a faith-based group of artists from Denver who demonstrate visually their own individual and personal experiences based on the themes of Advent. You can view the artwork below or in person on Sunday mornings through Advent. We invite you to reflect and enjoy!

Advent is a time to slow our pace and realize our deep need for a Savior. We take time to humble our hearts. In a world beset by click bytes and tweets, Advent teaches us to quiet ourselves and hear the divine whisper of grace.

The prophets of the Old Testament and the Gospel writers all lived in unsettling times. Political upheaval, economic fragility, and religious tensions were the backdrop for their lives. These paintings are inspired by the powerful words of these godly people, a message of hope and peace that echoes in our souls today as we tune our ears to hear the Still Small Voice of God’s love and light.

Click on any of the images in the gallery to learn more about each piece.
Note: many of the pieces are for sale. Pricing and contact information are available by clicking on the images.

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