Kathy Self

Open Wide Our Heavenly Home

The ancient 9th century Advent song, O Come, O Come Emmanuel includes this verse: "O come Thou Key of David come, and open wide our heavenly home; make safe the way that leads on high, and close the path to misery."

The phrase "Key of David" appears two times in scripture: Isaiah 22:22, and Revelation 3:7. Both verses refer to the the work of Jesus. Our Lord's birth is the first step toward the fulfillment of God's promise to provide us with a dwelling with Him.

Through all that Jesus did, he opened to us the wide expanse of his Kingdom, where we are invited to embrace the generous warmth and comfort of our forever home in his presence.

$1,200 | oil on canvas | 24 x 36 in
Kathy Self

Journey to Epiphany

The account of the wisemen traveling to worship Jesus is a history of wonder. They saw the beauty of a star, and based on their understanding began a long and arduous journey. Carrying treasure and crossing deserts, their destination culminated in worshipping Jesus. Wherever we are on our journey, whatever burdens we carry, may every day along the way reveal the divine love of our Savior Jesus.

$800 | Acrylic on canvas | 16 x 20 in
Kathy Self

Hope for Today

The birth of Jesus ushers in the illuminating beauty of grace. He knows where we sit in darkness, and he gladly shines his love on us. This is our hope; He will never abandon us in the darkness. He always leads us in his way to peace and healing.

$1,200 | oil with wax on canvas, embedded gold leaf | 30 x 30 in

About the Artist

KATHY SELF believes that art is essential to the wellbeing of people; as we create we show the wonder of what it means to be human, to be made in God’s image. Through her painting Kathy seeks to reveal the inner beauty that is hidden deep within our soul, that secret place where we all carry God’s sacred fingerprint. Visual art is a way for her to bring beauty to those around her. It is an essential form of compassion; we need beauty to nurture the growth of our souls. Sometimes the growth is cathartic as art helps us to define our pain and sorrow, and then directs us toward the hope of healing our souls’ wounds.

EMAIL kathy@colorbrush.com INSTAGRAM @kdscolorbrush59 WEBSITE colorbrush.com

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