Melissa Pape

Both/And Diptych

The already and the not yet. This Advent we live in a Both/And space. We, as the Church and as individuals, pause and look back at Jesus’ first coming as our redeemer, and look forward to His second coming as our restorer and find ourselves sitting right in the middle, celebrating what we have already received and longing for what is yet to come. We have been freed from the darkness of sin and death, and yet, when we look at our world, we see that all is not right. And so we wait, and we
work, we watch, and we weep, longing for and knowing that God is working to make all things new, joining him as he leads in the both/and restoration.

$1870 for both | Acrylic on canvas | 30 x 24 in

About the Artist

As an artist, MELISSA PAPE works with acrylics on stretched canvas and paper. She likes to build up texture with palette knives and enjoy mark making with a variety of media such as colored pencil, pen, pencil, pastels, paint pens and charcoal. Melissa draws much of her inspiration from the natural world. She believes that nature has a lot to reveal to us about who we are, our rhythms of life, our relationships with others, and the one who created it all. Melissa also finds inspiration from books and music, with the prophets of the OT being one of her favorites! She hopes to lift up, encourage and inspire others through her art and believes that as we join with God, love and beauty can push back the darkness and transform hearts, minds and culture.


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