Anti-Racism Statement

As Grace Commons Church, we are deeply troubled by racial injustice in America today. We recognize we have much to learn when it comes to understanding the depth and breadth of this problem. We seek to commit ourselves to study, self-examination and appropriate action as expressions of our Christian discipleship. Since we know silence can be confused with intentional complicity, we want to be clear about race, racial injustice and racial reconciliation.

Racism (personal, corporate and systemic) is an affront to the gospel and to the goodness of God’s creation. The Book of James calls us to be doers of the Word. Love must be a noun and a verb. Personal and societal transformation will require a sustained commitment for years, not weeks. It will mean reading and learning, empathy and repentance, friendship, engagement and advocacy.

As an important but simple first step we have launched a Racial Justice Ministry to help us create some clear opportunities for engagement and advocacy.

For more information on how to get involved with the Racial Justice Ministry, please contact Jim Carpenter. For additional questions, please contact Ash McDonald, Interim Director of Discipleship & Community.

As an initial step toward this end, the Racial Justice Ministry team recommends these resources on race and justice:

We look forward to getting to know you. Let us know if there are any ways we can help.

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