Common Space Groups

Connecting through common grace in Jesus.

As our church learns and grows in prayer this year, Common Space groups are a way to deepen our connection with the Lord and each other through prayer together, and yet apart!

Common Space Groups...

  • are shaped by the concept of God Speaks. We Listen. We Respond.
  • create space for you to experience a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord
  • help you learn and practice various forms of prayer
  • teach you to listen to the Holy Spirit for yourself and in community with others
  • prepare you to pray for others
  • develop your confidence in prayer
  • equip and empower you to serve and share your faith with others

Watch for new Common Space Groups to form in the fall.


  • Groups will meet online for one hour once a week and be facilitated by a pair of trained leaders.
  • Participants will have a small amount of preparation each week via video.
  • Grace Commons people in process on their journey of prayer will share how prayer is impacting them.  
  • Each week includes time spent in prayer in a variety of ways.