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Discussion Resources

Sermon-based discussion material will be provided every week below. Hard copies are also available after worship each Sunday at the Welcome Desk.


July 12, 2020

Taming the Tongue

  1. What is the best compliment anyone has ever given you?  How did it make you feel?
  2. Can you recall a time when someone hurt you deeply with their words? How did you process the pain caused by their words? What, if anything, do you need to do now to seek healing in that area of your heart?
  3. Who in your life needs a word of encouragement? Reach out to them today and speak words of hope and life to them.

previous discussion questions:

Mar 1

1. After learning about the context of this passage, read Jeremiah 29:4–14. What is most surprising to you about this amazing letter from the Lord Almighty to the people of Israel? 

2. How do you identify as an exile in your current context? What is good about being an exile? How is being an exile an opportunity to deepen your faith in Christ? What is most difficult for you about being an exile? 

3. Consider this definition of discipleship: "living the way of Jesus in your current context at each moment." How would this kind of discipleship call you into being "For Boulder With Love?" 

4. How would you describe your engagement with the culture? Describe something about your posture toward your context and Boulder. 

5. Read about God’s promises (v.11–14). What strikes you from this section of God’s letter? How might you more fully put yourself in a posture of seeking the Lord with all of your heart? 

6. How can “For Boulder With Love” get personal and particular for you? What might the Lord’s invitation be to you? Spend some time talking to one another and the Lord about it.

Feb 23

1. Re-read Luke’s description of the early church in Acts 2:42–47. Which characteristics inspire you? What questions do these characteristics raise for you? Reflect. 

2. As you think of First Pres/Grace Commons, which of these early church characteristics speaks to our strengths? Which ones reveal our areas for growth? Discuss. 

3. In the sermon, these were some of the temptations or distortions facing the contemporary church: Clubby Church, Cultural Church, Consumer Church, Computer (Virtual) Church. Can you recall what each one meant? To which of them might you fall prey? Might our congregation? Discuss.

4. Christ’s church has at least two modes of being: Church Gathered and Church Scattered. Can you describe each? How do you experience each? In particular, how do you experience being part of the Church Scattered? 

5. Pray for our church, for its renewal, focus, unity, mission and joy.

Feb 16

1. This message comes in a series when we are talking about the meaning of our new name, Grace Commons Church. From your understanding, what is a Commons?

2. Why might a church be attracted to the idea of providing a Commons for its broader community?

Read Acts 17:16–34

3. How can a church be at the intersection of conversations like the one that happens in this passage?

4. Break down Paul’s sermon in vv. 22–31. What are the various things you notice that may be important to sharing our faith with others?