Take 5

Come along with Grace Commons Kids
as we explore spiritual parenting.

Find ways you can discuss and experience spirituality with your child.

Help Your Family Grow in Faith

Family faith formation is a journey, not a destination. Learn ways to grow in faith together with kids.

Pray with Kids

Prayer is an anytime and anywhere conversation with God–no fancy words required! Learn ways to grow in faith together with kids.

Retell a Bible Story with Kids

A great way for kids (and adults!) to remember God’s story and to experience it more deeply is to retell it in ways that engage their head, heart, and hands.Get inspired with these easy ideas for retelling a Bible story.

Wonder with Kids

Encouraging curiosity in kids helps them want to learn more. A sense of wonder is an important part of their faith development too! Here are five ways to promote curiosity and wonder in your family life.

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