Fall Sunday School Offerings


Time for KIDS sermon, creative lessons with peers and playtime.

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High School | 9am | High School Loft

Pancakes, coffee, time in scripture, and looking more in depth on how to do life with Jesus! Afterwards, join us for the 10:30 service in the front left of the Sanctuary.

Effective Church Leadership | 7:45am | Oerter Hall

Come meet and join with our currently serving and incoming Elders, Deacons and Trustees—and some pastors—as they discuss and debate key elements of spiritual leadership. This 11 week forum focuses on a different topic each week, including faith and calling, biblical interpretation, reformed theology, discipleship, celebrating the sacraments, missional engagement, polity, governance and the vision for the future.  Come join the discussion and learn about the depth, breadth, and meaning of kingdom leadership here at Grace Commons.

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Church History in Plain Language | 1pm | Via Zoom

Join Cliff Martin on Sunday afternoons at 1pm for study and conversation.

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