Following Jesus Together Groups

To be a disciple following Jesus, you must be seeking to grow in your relationship with him. This happens slowly over time through:

  • worship
  • devotion to him
  • engagement with scripture
  • prayer
  • practice
  • living out the gospel in your everyday life through loving and serving those around you.
  • Common Space groups provide just that place to grow in your discipleship to Jesus alongside others at Grace Commons.

Please take a look at all the Sunday, Weekly & Monthly opportunities and then sign up here.

Among these options are long-standing groups organized around a shared purpose or other new groups. There are a wide variety of dates, times and meeting frequency. If you are unable to find a group that works with your schedule or interest, contact Lindsay Waymire to see about starting a new group!

Groups that are called “Becoming like Jesus, together” are new common space groups that will allow people to step into intentional spiritual community to explore what it means to embrace the process of discipleship and what it means to do this together in community, as we seek to become like Jesus. These groups will kick off the first week in October.


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