Heaven Unveiled!

July 28, 2024

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Sundays  | 11am | Oerter Hall

Join Pastor Mike Clark, author of Heaven Unveiled, as he explores what the Bible really teaches us about heaven. Learn the what, how, why, where, when and who of many heaven questions. There is much more to know than you imagined.

June 23: Eternal Daylight Time

  • When does eternal life begin?
  • Will there be time in the Kingdom of God?
  • How can there be diversity in heaven without conflict? Will there be suffering in heaven?
  • Will people do any wrong in heaven and thus harm others like here on earth?

June 30: Eternal All-Good Life

  • Will we know loved ones in heaven? Will there be pets in heaven?
  • Will people remember failings or hold grudges against others in heaven?
  • Do those in heaven look down on the living here on earth?
  • Where do people go between death and living in heaven?

July 7: Heavenly Bodies and Eternal Purpose

  • Will we be ghosts in heaven or have physical bodies?
  • What age will we be in heaven?
  • Will we fly in heaven and eat and drink?
  • How will we worship in heaven? Will we know everything and be perfect in every way?

July 14: Living in Truth and Love

  • Will heaven be enjoyable?
  • What will we do in heaven?
  • Will we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in heaven? Where will we live in heaven?
  • Will there be mosquitos, pests, mountains and oceans?

July 21: Life in the City of God

  • Will we live in mansions in heaven? What will our dwellings be like?
  • What is the New Jerusalem?
  • Will there be stars, sun, and moon in heaven?
  • Are there rewards in heaven? Who is first and last in heaven?

July 28: Who Gets into Heaven?

  • Who are the sheep and goats of Jesus teachings?
  • What standards determine who gets into heaven?
  • Does God grade on a curve on the Last Day test?
  • Is it possible to go to church all your life and not get into heaven?

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