Cook for our Leader Dinners!

Every week at 5pm before a Tuesday program, Student Ministry staff hosts volunteer leaders for dinner before student programming begins.

This is a precious time during the week when the Student Ministry leadership team gets to connect together, bond and build team culture.

We need your help to cook on a Tuesday evening. This is also an opportunity for you to connect with the leaders who serve the students of this church and community!

Sign-ups may be on a one time or rotating basis, rotating strongly preferred. Church kitchen is available if desired, and food expenses will be reimbursed within 14 days. Please do your best to keep the meal at $140 or less.

Please contact Jean Cutshall with any questions or to SIGN-UP!


How many people are served? We serve approximately 30 people.

Can we cater the meal instead? Yes, you can make arrangements to have the meal catered if you prefer not to cook it yourself.

When do I need to have the food prepared by? Food needs to be ready by 5pm.

Do I cook on my own or with other volunteers? You may cook by yourself or sign up with a partner or group!

Do I need to clean up afterwards? If you cook in the church kitchen, our blessed Don Gallotte will take care of cleaning. We just ask that you help station everything used at the cleaning station after cooking and after dinner.

Are there dietary restrictions? The church kitchen has a strict no-nuts policy, and each meal needs to have a meat & vegan protein.


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