Short Term Mission Experience in Ethiopia

August 18, 2023

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Aug 18-30, 2023

Come and learn how you can be a part of a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the world today! Grace Commons is partnering with Servant Partners to provide a short term mission experience in Ethiopia. We will learn about a new, surprising work of the Holy Spirit among Ethiopian young people which is resulting in the sending of Ethiopian missionaries to urban poor communities around Ethiopia and to unreached people groups in the region.

Participants will learn from Ethiopian leaders about this work, visit urban poor communities, and form personal relationships with the Ethiopian missionaries. These missionaries want to improve their English, so we will form conversation partners to provide English language practice. There is space for up to 7 people.

Trip Meeting Dates

  • Apr 23: Informational meeting at church immediately after worship in Geneva 250
  • May 14: Commitment deadline. Complete this registration form to apply.
  • June 3:  Introduction to Ethiopia and the partner ministries
  • July 23: Final Preparations
  • Aug 18: Leave for Ethiopia
  • Aug 30: Return

Trip Costs

  • Plane fare round trip (approximately): $1600-$2100 (purchase on your own—Will N, the trip leader, will provide needed information to coordinate our departure and arrival info)
  • Plane fare in country (approximately):  $200 (purchase on your own)
  • Visas $82: learn more
  • Food, lodging, and ground transportation 11 days in the country: $834
  • Purchase of gifts is not covered

Total Cost: Airfare, visa, food, lodging, ground transportation = $2,716-$3,216 (Depending on airfare to Ethiopia and back)

Deposit amount of $275 required by May 14.

Trip Payment Plan

  • Purchase plane tickets on your own as soon as possible: $1600-$2100 (Will N, the trip leader, will provide needed information to coordinate our departure and arrival info)
  • $275 due at commitment by May 14
  • $275 due at the June 3 meeting
  • $284 due at July 23 meeting

Agency information

  • Servant Partners
  • Church members, Grace Commons has been a key partner in the founding and development of the Servant Partners since its inception in 1993.
  • Will and Laurie N., have worked with Servant Partners for 30 years. The church has helped launch a previous Servant Partners initiative of Hondurans being sent to North Africa which continues to this day. This is another opportunity for Grace Commons to participate in a new work of the Spirit of God in missions.
  • Horn of Africa Evangelical Mission Engagers: This is an indigenous missions agency founded by Ethiopians in 2003 to reach the unreached people groups in their country and region. They have planted thousands of churches among rural unreached people groups. They have invited Servant Partners to help them develop a strategy to reach the urban poor unreached people groups of the region.
  • Evangelical Student Union of Ethiopia is an indigenous student ministry founded in 1957 which, at the moment, is one of the fastest growing student ministries in the world. They have started over 100 student fellowships in the last 15 years and thousands of students are coming to Christ each year. Sixty percent of the current pastors in Ethiopia have come through this ministry when they were students.
  • Will N, trip leader

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