February 23, 2020


Carl Hofmann

Sermon Audio

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Re-read Luke’s description of the early church in Acts 2:42–47. Which characteristics inspire you? What questions do these characteristics raise for you? Reflect. 

2. As you think of First Pres/Grace Commons, which of these early church characteristics speaks to our strengths? Which ones reveal our areas for growth? Discuss. 

3. In the sermon, these were some of the temptations or distortions facing the contemporary church: Clubby Church, Cultural Church, Consumer Church, Computer (Virtual) Church. Can you recall what each one meant? To which of them might you fall prey? Might our congregation? Discuss.

4. Christ’s church has at least two modes of being: Church Gathered and Church Scattered. Can you describe each? How do you experience each? In particular, how do you experience being part of the Church Scattered? 

5. Pray for our church, for its renewal, focus, unity, mission and joy.