Connecting through common grace in Jesus.

The Annex is a thriving community of college students who are learning how to follow Jesus through vibrant worship, community, small groups and international mission experiences.

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Join us at any of these ongoing ministry programs and activities:

Messenger Program

This summer long international mission experience gives Annex students an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and grow in faith in a lasting way. Messengers sign up without knowing where or with whom they'll be serving.

Grace Commons and the Annex community have been dedicated to supporting Messengers through prayer and finances. Since 1989 Messenger has sent 341 student to over 80 different countries.

Tuesday Night Annex

Tuesday Night Annex is the rally point, the glue for the Annex community and ministry. Students worship and learn about Jesus, build community, and get connected to other essential opportunities that exist through the Annex. 

Annex Student Leadership Team

The Annex Student Leadership Team (ASLT) is a team of volunteer students that serve the Annex community by creating opportunities for others to connect. In a lot of ways, the Leadership Team is the backbone of the Annex, investing time and effort into making events like Big Cabin Weekend and the Thanksgiving Dinner possible.

ASLT is not a team of spiritually elite people but rather a team of people with a desire to serve, grow in their faith, and invest in a fun-loving and meaningful community. 

Core Groups

Groups of like-gender and age students are led by adult volunteers to build strong relationships with each other that follow Jesus and grow faith and knowledge through studying the Bible. Core Groups meet weekly together (typically on Thursday evenings) and are intended to continue sophomore through senior year.

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Dave Pommer

Director of University Ministry

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