February 12, 2023

Sabbath Celebration

Kelsey Walega

Sermon Audio


After listening to the "Sabbath Celebration" sermon, take some time to reflect and journal on the following three questions:

1) Write out what your dream day of “practicing eternity” would look like? What elements do you want to be a part of this day, and what elements do you not want to be a part of this day? (It could be helpful to think of practices or activities that bring you genuine joy and connection with God, others, yourself and creation.)

2) Now practically, what of the above can you realistically do for either one hour, a few hours or a whole day this week?

3) Take a moment of quiet now. Breathe in and out.  Meditate on and take this blessing with you:

May the God of rest fill you with his peace and presence as you rest in him.