Sunday Morning Adult Classes

September 24, 2023

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Flourishing | 11am | Oerter

The Christian faith is simple, but not easy. This new class will present stand-alone topics with a variety of teachers who will help us get back to the basics of our faith. Come engage with others along with some great topics like What is Spiritual Formation?, Biblical Justice, Prayer, The Vital Role of God’s Word, to just name a few.

Intersections | 11am | Fallout

Looking for a Sunday School class that would give you the opportunity to intersect with God and with others as we seek to grow in our faith in Jesus Christ? Led by Doug Smith, Intersections is an adult Bible study class in which we take interesting topics, passages or themes and dig deeply into their meaning and application to 21st century Christian living. We use a question and answer approach to our study time, and then spend a significant time around our tables discussing a couple of thought-provoking questions about what the passage means to each of us. Come once or come often. The door is wide open!

Reading the Bible with Jesus Glasses | 11am | Student Space*

Join Carl Hofmann for a four-week exploration of the centrality and helpfulness of reading the Bible with Jesus at the center, helping us understand the unity of Scripture, its focus on Christ, and how the Old and New Testaments relate to each other.

*The Student space (the old church library location) is located on the first floor in the north west corner of our main building.

God's Never-ending Story | 1pm (MST) | Via Zoom

Join Cliff Martin on Sunday afternoons for an intensive overview of the Bible.

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