During our sermon series Made for Us we are allowing the scriptures to inform how we can incorporate Sabbath rest into our lives today. 

Sabbath can become reality when we intentionally slow down, cease striving, fixing, working, producing and consuming so that we have time and regular opportunity to reflect and make room for God to take up residence in our individual lives and communities. 

We hope to become Sabbath keepers this year, as it is central to God’s plan for creation, for human flourishing and for the reconciliation of all things. 

Don't know where to start? Take a look at this Sabbath Reflection Guide that will walk you through some helpful steps.

We Sabbath because...

  • Jesus did and we want to follow in his ways
  • the Bible commands us to remember and observe the Sabbath
  • it is a gift from God

Sabbath is...

  • a day set apart from the other six days of the week
  • a day to stop, rest and delight
  • a day to worship God both as a community and individually

Practicing the Sabbath requires us…

  • to learn and develop a new habit through trial and error
  • to be intentional and plan ahead
  • to be patient and flexible

watch or listen

We have chosen some videos and podcasts we think may help you incorporate Sabbath rest into your life today. You can watch or listen by clicking on the images below.

What is the Sabbath?
The BibleProject
The Difference Between Busy & Non Busy People
Joshua Becker
A look into one example of Sabbath
Peter Santenello
Sabbath & the Art of Rest
The Ezra Klein Show
Rule of Life with Tish Harrison Warren
Practicing the Way


We have hand picked some books we think may help you incorporate Sabbath rest into your life today. You can purchase these books by clicking on the images below, but we have also added many of these books below to the Grace Commons Library. Our catalog of books is available for search online through our online catalog. If you find a book that you would like to check out while searching our catalog, complete the book request form. We will pull the book(s) for you and have them available for pick up from the church office or at the Connection Center on a Sunday morning.

The Seven Day Circle
by Eviatar Zerubavel
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook
by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun
On the Clock
 by Emily Guendelsberger
Keeping the Sabbath Wholly
by Marva J. Dawn
by Dan Allender
The Sabbath
by Abraham Joshua Heschel
Subversive Sabbath
by A.J. Swoboda
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
by John Mark Comer
The Sabbath World
 by Judith Shulevitz
Adam Bede
 by George Eliot
How to Journal
The International Association for Journal Writing
Do you have a rule of life?
by Tish Harrison Warren


In case you missed it or want to hear our Sunday sermons again, you can access each week by clicking on the titles below. Along with each sermon you will have access to the weekly reflection questions.

Want some structure?

We have 8-weeks of content, originally designed to be used with our Common Space Groups, but easily adapted to any small group.  Here you will find
an outline for 8, one-hour meetings with links to videos to watch on your own between sessions.

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