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Larry Drees

Interim Business Administrator

Christelle de Wit

Director of Communications

Don Gallotte

Custodian & Kitchen Manager

Kier Jellis

Communications Coordinator

Richard Rapisardi

Facilities Manager

Doug Richards


Brian Wilburn

Interim Custodian

CaraBeth Wilson

Ministry Support Team

Children + Family ministry

Cristina Parcells

Program Specialist, Children & Family

Patty Saltarelli

Program Specialist, Children & Family

Whitney DePalma

Childcare and Program Specialist, Children & Family

Stephanie Arveson

Administrative Assistant to Children & Family

Student + Family ministry

Ash McDonald

Director of Student & Family Ministry

Matt McDonald

Director of High School Ministry

Kyle Rohan

Director of Middle School Ministry

Megan Gordon

Assistant Director of Student & Family

College ministry

Dave Pommer

Director of University Ministry

Kelsey Walega

UMin Assistant Director

Adult ministry

Ash McDonald

Interim Director of Discipleship & Community

Libby Brown

Director of ROOTS 55+

Dave Pascoe

Director of Men's Ministry

Congregational Care ministry

Carl Hofmann

Pastor of Congregational Care

Glenda Dye

Coordinator of Congregational Care

Rich Bledsoe

Parish Associate for Congregational Care

Lindsay Waymire

Director of Prayer & Healing Ministries

outreach & Service ministry

Shirley Giles Davis

Catalyst for Equipping

Janet Schultz

Administrative Assistant to Outreach

Russ Teets

Director of Local Outreach

Music & Worship Ministry

Jim Keller

Director of Music & Worship

Joe Cutshall

Director of Worship & Creative Arts

Christine Brockett

Administrative Assistant to Music and Worship

Eunie Kim


interested in joining our leadership team?

Grace Commons,

Has God been tugging at your heart?  Do you feel like God is asking you to do more?  If this is you, we are looking for church leaders who want to seek God’s will not only for themselves, but for our church as a whole. If this is not you, do you know someone who may be looking, or who has leadership qualities that God can use.  If so, please take a few moments to nominate yourself or someone else by using the nomination form.

Current Trustees, Elders & Deacons are available to answer questions in the Narthex after worship each Sunday.

Thanks for your prayerful consideration.
The T.E.D. Team

nomination form

Congregational leadership is an important area of service in the church.

Each year, the congregation calls members who have been regular in worship, active in the life of the church, generous in support of our ministry, and faithful in their life and witness to the gospel, to serve as: trustee, elder or deacon.


The purpose of trustees is to serve the Lord by maintaining a warm, friendly, safe facility for the congregation and to monitor the church financial conditions.

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Gene Koch

Trustee, Class of 2023

Alan Williams

Trustee, Class of 2022

Jack Fellows

Trustee President, Class of 2023

Don Culver

Trustee, Class of 2023

John Tucker

Trustee, Class of 2023

Warner Andrews

Trustee, Class of 2022

Doug Scheetz

Trustee, Class of 2024

J.P. Clark

Trustee, Class of 2022

Gary Johnson

Trustee, Class of 2022

Tom Wilger

Trustee, Class of 2022


To discern the will of the Lord and to lead the church accordingly.

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Christopher Lietz 

Elder, Class of 2022

Greg Parr

Elder, Class of 2022

Jim Remnant

Elder, Class of 2022

Terri Evans 

Elder, Class of 2022

Braden Mark

Elder, Class of 2022

Glenn Bean 

Elder, Class of 2022

Jonathon Anderson

Elder, Class of 2023

Tim Chiles

Elder, Class of 2023

Mike Scott

Elder, Class of 2023

Craig Rahenkamp

Elder, Class of 2023

Jenny Fox

Elder, Class of 2023

Shirley Berg

Elder, Class of 2024

Spencer Dusebout

Elder, Class of 2024

Dean Stull

Elder, Class of 2024

Carl Hofmann


Randy Bare



The purpose of a Grace Commons Deacon is to minister to those who are in need, the sick, the friendless and to any who may be in distress.

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Barb Leggate

Deacon, Class of 2021

Bob Groneberg 

Deacon, Class of 2022

Debbi Tucker

Deacon, Class of 2024

Dewi Feaver 

Deacon, Class of 2022

Dorinda Cudney 

Deacon, Class of 2022

Douglas Walter

Deacon, Class of 2024

Elizabeth Boeve 

Deacon, Class of 2022

Jany Teets 

Deacon, Class of 2022

Jeannette Kneebone

Deacon, Class of 2022

Jim Rudosky

Deacon, Class of 2023

Lee Ann Nickerson

Deacon, Class of 2022

Linda Carlson

Deacon Moderator, Class of 2023

Mary White

Deacon, Class of 2023

Pam Eichelberger 

Deacon, Class of 2022

Tony Angelo

Deacon, Class of 2022

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